Holiday Scams and Malware
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2017 Holiday Malware and Scams


Watch your email account for mail from unknown senders, unsolicited mail containing links and ecards, shipping confirmations from companies from which you have not ordered anything, and mail from a malicious sender posing as a reputable entity/company.


Be aware of fake advertisements that look authentic and offer things like incredible discounts and free products.  Be leery of clicking on advertisements that are "too good to be true," even if they are seen somewhere you trust such as your favorite social media site or app.  If you are questioning the authenticity of an offer, simply conduct a web search in order to research whether the offer is safe, valid, and from a reputable company.

Are you the victim of a holiday scam?

If you believe you have been financially affected by a holiday scam or holiday malware, remember to call a Custer Federal State Bank representative immediately in order to protect your accounts and debit cards. In addition, remember to change all of your passwords to accounts which contain personal or sensitive information.



For more information on holiday malware and scam prevention, visit this article by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team.


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