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How to Join Custer Federal State Bank

Have you decided that joining the Custer Federal State Bank family is a perfect fit for you?  If so, we have assembled a comprehensive package containing each of the forms and applications needed to begin transitioning into the Custer Federal State Bank family.  Fill out one, a few, or all of these forms prior to visiting with one of our New Accounts Representatives in order to make transitioning to Custer Federal State Bank swift, simple, and stress-free.

  1. Open a Custer Federal State Bank account
    Complete a New Account Application (Available on Page 1 or at any Custer Federal State Bank office). Bring this form in and visit with one of our New Account Representatives to select the account that best meets your needs.
  2. Update your direct deposits
    Our Direct Deposit Authorization Form (Page 5) can be used to authorize changes to your direct deposits. Simply fill out the form, attach a voided check and provide to any companies you wish to deposit directly into your new account.
  3. Update automatic payments
    Our Automatic Payment Authorization Form (Page 6) can be used to update automatic payments to your Custer Federal Account. Some automatic payments may require you to update online through the merchants website or via telephone with the merchant. Page 7 contains a list of common payments that may need switched.
  4. Close your old accounts
    Our Close Account Authorization Form (Page 8) can be used to request your old accounts be closed. Make sure all transactions have cleared and automatic payments have been witched before closing. 

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